This book is one of a number of collaborations between artist Larry Rivers and New York School poet Kenneth Koch. Rivers had earlier illustrated Koch’s Sleeping with Women (1969) and would later go on to collaborate again with Koch in Diana with Poem (1974). This book contains a long stream-of-consciousness poem by Koch and ten illustrations hors texte by Rivers. The illustrations are reproduced by offset lithography after original collages, and three are reproduced in color. Taking a line from the text as inspiration for each illustration, Rivers’ creates a visual interpretation of the poem. For example, the line:

Dichotomy to ‘hoo hoo’ funnies. It cleansed Uganda. One series of crazy gowns.

is illustrated by a collage of two identical women as paper dolls dressed in different clothes.

This book was published by the Black Sparrow Press in an edition of 1500 perfect-bound copies. The cover reproduces a collage by Rivers featuring the title, the author’s name, and photos of Koch.


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