Veronika Schäpers is a world renowned book artist who lives and works in Karlsruhe, Germany. Born in 1969 in Coesfeld, Schäpers underwent an apprenticeship as a bookbinder before studying painting and books at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design in Halle during the early 1990s. She continued her studies in Ascona, Switzerland, at the Centro del Bel Libro and in Tokyo with Naoaki Sakamoto. From 1998 to 2012, she continued to live and work in Tokyo, and many of her books have Japanese themes and have been influenced by the aesthetic of Japanese design.

Schäpers often makes books working with the writing of contemporary German writers such as Durs Grünbein and Heiko Michael Hartmann. Because her work is conceptually driven, her books are stylistically unique and feature a wide variety of materials, from antique Japanese papers to silicon and vinyl. She also makes use of a number of inventive formats and bookbinding structures sometimes using sculptural techniques. In all of her books, Schäpers integrates the text and illustrations in a way that creates complex and cohesive visual compositions while thoughtfully interpreting the writing. The resulting books are finely crafted and meditative works of art that demand close attention from the viewer.

To date, Schäpers has created roughly 30 books. In 2009, she received the MCBA Prize from the Minneapolis Center for Book Arts for her book 26°57,3'N, 142°16,8'E (2007). Her books are found in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the British Library, the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul, and many others.


Books by Veronika Schäpers  available from Boreas Fine Art:

[ Schäpers, Veronika ]  Gernhardt, Robert.  AchTokyo: Veronika Schäpers.  2003.

[ Schäpers, Veronika ]  Hartmann, Heiko Michael.  Do.  Tokyo: Veronika Schäpers.  2005.

[ Schapers, Veronika ] Grünbein, Durs. 26°57,3'N, 142°16,8'E. Tokyo: Veronika Schapers. 2007.

[ Schäpers, Veronika ]  Hartmann, Heiko Michael.  Im HochhausTokyo: Veronika Schäpers.  2011.

[ Schapers, Veronika ] Scott, Robert F. March 29, 1912. Berlin: Veronika Schapers. 2012.

 [ Schäpers, Veronika ]  Reich, Stephan.  AokigaharaKarlsruhe: Veronika Schäpers.  2016.



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