An altered book created by book artist Buzz Spector, this volume conceals miniature metal bomb sculptures within its pages. For this work, Spector chose to alter Das War der Bombenkrieg, a German book published in 1961 about the firebombing of German cities in World War II. It is covered in red cloth and stamped in black with an illustration on the front cover depicting a bomber flying above the ruins of an already-destroyed city. The covers are slightly stained, giving the exterior of the book a patina that suggests a difficult past.

On the inside, Spector has altered the book so that the pages are tightly adhered together into a solid book block. At the table of contents page, this block is carved to form 12 recesses. The contents page is painted white, while the inside of each recess is painted black. Loose within each cavity is a 2’’-long metal sculpture of a bomb. Heavy for their size, the hidden sculptures give the book a weighty feel when picked up. The tail ends of the bombs stick up slightly above the cavities, so that they dig into the flyleaves and front cover causing small punctures. On the page opposite the table of contents are 12 pencil shadings that mirror the shapes and locations of the bombs.

This unique work is signed and dated April 1983 by the artist at the inside back cover.


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