Location of Three Geometric Figures is an artist’s book that Sol LeWitt created during a particularly productive period in his career. In 1974, he published six books in addition to this one, including The Location of Eight Points and Arcs and Lines. This book takes the form of a tri-fold brochure with an additional loose sheet enclosed in a glossy cardstock folder. In keeping with LeWitt’s practice of using language and instructions to create his art, the tri-fold contains a single text in three languages, English, French, and German, which specifies the location of three geometric figures: a square, a circle, and a triangle. Each panel of the tri-fold has a black-and-white line illustration of one of the three figures with the prescribing text appearing in three columns below it.

The loose sheet features six illustrations of semi-cubes, forms with which LeWitt is often associated and which played the main role in his book Incomplete Open Cubes, also published in 1974. Location of Three Geometric Figures was published on the occasion of an exhibition of LeWitt’s work organized by the Société des Expositions, Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels. It was jointly edited by Hossmann, Hamburg and Yves Gevaert, Société des Expositions, Brussels.



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