The familiar Biblical story of Jonah is interpreted in this book by artist and printer Russell Maret. Using a horizontal format and the King James Bible as his translation, Maret composed the pages by taking inspiration from early Biblical manuscripts. The spiky typeface employed is 24 pt. Nicolas from the Dale Guild Type Foundry which in turn is based on a specimen of enamel lettering by Nicolas of Verdun from the 12th century. While this typeface might normally be reserved only for use in titles, Maret here uses it to great effect for the body of the text.

Maret interprets the story as one of transformation, and the text is fittingly printed in gradients of blue and black ink to represent the changes from light to dark and dark to light that occur within the story. As the story progresses, the color of the text subtly shifts as well. For example, when Jonah is in the belly of the fish, the text is printed in solid black ink.

Maret printed this book on one side of Twinrocker handmade paper folded at the fore edge and the binding was executed by Nancy Loeber. The hardcover book is quarter-bound in grey cloth with blue endbands. The boards are covered with a light blue paper that is printed with a dark blue decorative pattern.

This book was published in a limited edition of 80. This copy is signed and numbered 53 by the artist. Accompanying the book is a pamphlet-sewn prospectus.


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