Boreas Fine Art will be exhibiting NEW YORK ARTISTS at the ABAA/ILAB New York International Antiquarian Book Fair.  Please stop by Booth A-11 in order to see the books shown below:

[ Clemente, Francesco ]  Pound, Ezra.  CATHAY – POEMS AFTER LI PO.  [ New York: ] Limited Editions Club.  1992.

Early in his career, Ezra Pound undertook the translation of a number of Tang Dynasty Chinese poems which he published in 1915 as Cathay. This abridged edition of that book, published by the Limited Editions Club, contains eighteen translated poems and seven hors texte color woodblock prints created by renowned painter Francesco Clemente.  It is signed by the artist at the colophon.

Duchamp, MarcelA L’INFINITIF (THE WHITE BOX).  New York: Cordier & Ekstrom.  1966.

This book is the third and final volume in a series of artist’s books made by Marcel Duchamp about his famous work The Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors, Even (The Large Glass) (1915-23). It features facsimiles of seventy-nine notes relating to The Large Glass but which were left out of earlier volumes.  The book is signed twice by Marcel Duchamp – once on the screenprint and once on the title page of the accompanying booklet.

[ Frankenthaler, Helen ]  Williams, William Carlos.  VALENTINE FOR MR. WONDERFUL.  New York: Tyler Graphics.  1995.

This book features a single poem by William Carlos Williams and seven color intaglio prints by the highly influential painter Helen Frankenthaler whose lyrical compositions, filled with her signature soft washes of color, suggestively complement Williams’ theme of love.  The book is signed and dated by Frankenthaler on the folio.

[ Johns, JasperBeckett, SamuelFOIRADES / FIZZLESLondon: Petersburg Press, S.A.  1976.

An unusual collaboration between two giants of modernism and contemporary art. All of the motifs for the illustrations are from an earlier work by Johns and chosen by him on the basis of his a priori knowledge of Beckett. This is one of an edition of 250 copies (plus fifty hors commerce) signed by Beckett and Johns.

[ Katz, Alex ]  Creeley, Robert.  THINKING.  Calais, VT: Z Press.  2000.

This book is the third and last collaboration between the painter and printmaker Alex Katz and the poet Robert Creeley. It features a single poem by Creeley and a single original woodcut by Katz. The book is signed by the author at the colophon and by the artist on the print.

[ Kelly, Ellsworth ]  Ashbery, John.  PLANT DRAWINGS.  New York: Matthew Marks Gallery.  1992.

This is a signed exhibition catalogue for an exhibition of Kelly’s plant drawings that preceded the recent exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum by twenty years. This elegantly illustrated book is one of one hundred copies signed by Kelly and by John Ashbery who contributed an essay.

LeWitt, Sol. LOCATION OF THREE GEOMETRIC FIGURES. [Brussels] : [Société des Expositions, Palais des Beaux-Arts]. [1974].

In keeping with LeWitt’s practice of using language and instructions to create his art, the tri-fold artist’s book contains a text in English, French, and German detailing the location of three geometric figures – a square, a circle, and a triangle.


[ LeWitt, Sol ]  Borges, Jorge Luis.  FICCIONES.  New York: Limited Editions Club.  1985.

Ficciones pairs the work of Jorge Luis Borges, a founder of postmodernist literature, and Sol LeWitt, a founder of Conceptual Art.  Appearing at regular intervals throughout the seventeen stories are twenty-two illustrations featuring straight lines overlapping and running in different directions to create LeWitt’s characteristic geometric figures.


[ LeWitt, Sol ]  Heaney, Seamus.  SQUARINGS.  San Francisco: Arion Press.  2003.

In this volume, Conceptual artist Sol LeWitt responds to a series of poems by Nobel Laureate Seamus Heaney. First published in 1991, these poems are similar in shape to a square: they consist of twelve lines arranged into four three-line stanzas.  The mathematical and geometrical presentation of the poems is accompanied by forty-eight illustrations by LeWitt all developed from the form of a square.

[ Maret, Russell ] Euclid and Sir Thomas Little Heath, trans. INTERSTICES & INTERSECTIONS, OR AN AUTODIDACT COMPREHENDS A CUBE. [ New York ] : Russell Maret. 2014.

Featuring commentary and illustrations by the artist, this large-scale accordion book explores the principles of geometry on a mathematic and personal basis. Maret’s layered printing process results in illustrations that have a distinctive, luminous quality and are masterpieces of printing virtuosity. Mark Dimunation, Chief of the Rare Book and Special Collections Division at the Library of Congress, has called this book “a tour de force of color printing.”

[ Motherwell, Robert ]  Joyce, James.  ULYSSES.  San Francisco: Arion Press.  1988.

This book represents a successful collaboration between a prominent Abstract Expressionist artist and a prominent American fine press. Contained in the book are forty etchings, and this copy includes the extra suite of twenty-two Motherwell etchings published simultaneously with the book. The book and each of the etchings in the extra suite are signed by the artist.

Ono, Yoko. GRAPEFRUIT. New York: Wunternaum Press. 1964.

One of Yoko Ono’s most famous works of any medium, Grapefruit is an influential early example of conceptual art. Like many of her artworks, this book is interactive in nature and contains a collection of text-based conceptual artworks, or instruction pieces. This copy of the scarce first edition features a handwritten inscription by the artist in English and Japanese.

[ Puryear, Martin ] Toomer, Jean. CANE. San Francisco: Arion Press. 2000.

First published in 1923, the ambitious, experimental novel Cane by Jean Toomer is here presented with artwork by the celebrated sculptor Martin Puryear.  Puryear chose to illustrate the edition here with seven large woodblock prints that serve as abstract portraits of the female characters in the book and three small prints that are tipped into the book to introduce its three sections.

Smith, Kiki. FOUNTAINHEAD. [ Columbus, Ohio ] : Logan Elm Press. 1991

A classic example of artist Kiki Smith’s investigation of human anatomy, Fountainhead is an artist’s book that depicts various body parts emitting their associated bodily fluids. The prints include eyes leaking tears, a mouth dribbling saliva, an ear oozing wax, and more.

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