Tériade Éditions was founded by Efstratis Eleftheriades, known at Tériade, in 1943 to undertake, in his words, the “rebirth of the illustrated art book.” Since 1943 Tériade has published twenty-six livres d’artistes and has worked with major modern artists such as Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Joan Miro, Fernand Leger, Alberto Giacometti, and many others. In addition to working with great artists Tériade hired renowned editors, such as Albert Skira, Christian Zervos, and Maurice Reynal, all of whom made noteworthy contributions to the book arts and in some cases to art criticism. The publisher founded the art magazine Verve in 1937.

Tériade would usually begin a book project by making a proposal to a famous painter, sculptor, or architect. After that, however, the artist had an uncommon amount of control over the entire production and its editorial process. The artists were actively involved in the choice of text, typeface, printing techniques, and paper type as well as, of course, the illustrations.


Books from the Petersburg Press available from Boreas Fine Art:

[ Matisse, Henri ]  D’Orléans, Charles.  Poèmes de Charles d’Orléans.  Paris: Tériade Éditeur.  1950.



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