In this volume, Conceptual artist Sol LeWitt responds to a series of poems by Nobel Laureate Seamus Heaney. First published in 1991, these poems are similar in shape to a square: they consist of twelve lines arranged into four three-line stanzas. The forty-eight poems are then divided into four sections with 12 poems each: “Lightenings,” “Settings,” “Crossings,” and “Squarings.” Helen Vendler, the A. Kingsley Porter University Professor at Harvard University, introduces the poems with an essay discussing Heaney’s work.

The mathematical and geometrical presentation of the poems is fittingly accompanied by  forty-eight illustrations by LeWitt. Known for using self-imposed restrictions to create variations on geometric forms such as the cube, LeWitt here produces drawings developed from the form of a square. Each illustration is captioned with the constraints LeWitt used to create the drawings – for instance, “Scribbles and a square with not straight horizontal lines outside and not straight vertical lines inside.” LeWitt’s original drawings are presented as letterpress illustrations printed from photopolymer plates.

The text for this publication was set in Deepdene type designed by Fredric W. Goudy. The poems were set by hand and the introductory essay and ancillary material was composed in Monotype. Andrew Hoyem designed and produced this book.

Squarings is bound in light grey cloth featuring a geometric design with the title and the author’s name. It was printed on white mouldmade Pescia paper with deckled edges from the Magnani mill in Italy. The volume is protected by a slipcase covered in dark gray cloth with a design based on a square on the front board.

This book is the 67th publication of the Arion Press. It was published in a limited edition of 426 with 400 numbered copies and an additional 26 lettered copies for complimentary distribution. This copy is numbered 112 and is signed by the artist and the author at the colophon.

This copy is accompanied by a letterpress-printed prospectus.


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