I am very happy to know that Seven Years in Tibet is to be brought out in a new special edition. Heinrich Harrer was one of the few Europeans living in Lhasa in the twilight years of Tibetan freedom.

the Dalai Lama, 1993


This elaborate book chronicles the escape of Heinrich Harrer, an accomplished Austrian skier, mountaineer, and sportsman, from an English prisoner of war camp in India during World War II. He crossed the high Tibetan plateau, as only an accomplished climber could, and took up residency in Lhasa eventually as the tutor of the current Dalai Lama when he was the fourteen-year-old god king of an independent Tibet. The book has six gravure plates made from photographs taken by the author contemporaneously with his time in Tibet.

The silk Buré binding is protected by an enveloping cotton pi-chu, or sleeve, and both are encased by two magnolia wood boards held in place by a thong. A Tibetan good luck charm has been carved into the top magnolia board by monks at a Tibetan refugee center in Darjeeling, India. This and all other materials have been imported from India.

This is one of 300 copies signed by the author. The prospectus for the book is laid in.


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