Written by André Malraux, this book phenomenal book contains 12 original drypoint etchings on parchment by Salvador Dalí. Malraux was an important French writer and art historian and was Minister of Cultural Affairs during Charles de Gaulle’s presidency. The text of this book discusses the events of May 1968 and de Gaulle’s fall from power.  It was later incorporated into Hôtes de Passage (Passing Guests) (1975), which in turn was to become part of La Corde et les Souris (The Cord and the Mice) (1976) and Miroir des Limbes (The Mirror of the Limbs) (1976), the last of which was published just before Malraux’ death from a pulmonary embolism.

The book in this edition is notable not only as the first appearance of that text but also for the extraordinary etchings that Dalí created to accompany it. The etchings depict classic Dalí imagery such as bony, metamorphosing figures in eerie landscapes and as such they are clear examples of the surrealist style for which Dalí is famous. An unusual visual index of the plates is also included.

This massive volume was published by Albert Skira. It was printed on deckled Rives paper watermarked with an emblem Dali designed to include his name and the initials of Malraux and Skira. Each of Dalí’s etchings on parchment are signed and numbered. Two additional unsigned etchings on Rives paper are included with the text.

This book is loose as issued with the original paper wrapper. It comes in a half leather chemise with parchment sides and a protective slipcase covered in black leather. The emblem used as a watermark in the text pages is stamped in black on the front cover of the chemise, and the title is tooled in gold on the spine. Aside from a small crack in the leather at one corner of the slipcase, this book is in excellent condition.

This copy is number 62 out of an edition limited to 150 with ten additional copies hors commerce. It is signed by the author, the artist, and the publisher on the justification page.


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