Richard Wagener was born in southern California and spent many hours with his grandfather exploring the inland deserts of that area and the highlands of the Sierra Nevada. This grounding in the natural world, augmented by an undergraduate degree in biology from the University of San Diego, is evident in the refined yet rugged landscapes he produces with his wood engraving techniques.

Richard has been a wood engraver for over thirty years. He has an MFA from the Art Center College of Design. His wood engravings are included in the collections of the Amon Carter Museum Library in Fort Worth, in the British Library, the Clark Library at UCLA, the Bancroft Library at Berkeley, the Getty, Princeton, Yale, Cornell, Harvard (Houghton), Columbia, Purdue, Ohio State, Mills College, and at the Universities of Iowa, Indiana, Delaware, and Illinois, among others.


Books with Richard Wagener available from Boreas Fine Art:

Wagener, Richard.  California in Relief.  San Francisco: The Book Club of California.  2009.

[ Richard Wagener ]  Parmenides.  Robert Bringhurst, trans.  The Fragments of Parmenides & an English Translation.  Berkeley: Editions Koch.  2004.



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