Eavan Boland is a Professor of English at Stanford University where she directs the creative writing program. Prior to that she taught at Trinity College, University College, Bowdoin College, Washington University, and was a member of the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa. Her poetry, though not overly political, is often described as feminist.  In her words:

“I began to write in an Ireland where the word ‘woman’ and the word ‘poet’ seemed to be in some sort of magnetic opposition to each other…I wanted to put the life I lived into the poem I wrote. And the life I lived was a woman’s life. And I couldn’t accept the possibility that the life of the woman would not, or could not, be named in the poetry of my own nation.”

In her Against Love Poetry (2001), Boland sought to escape the effusive courtliness of previous European love poems and to embrace the love of “dailiness,” or the ordinariness that provides much of the beauty in most peoples’ lives. Quarantine is a profoundly moving poem from this collection.

The book is a limited edition of forty-two copies made in an accordion fold binding. The images are high resolution digital prints of monotypes depicting bundled twigs with added pastel finishing by Charles Hobson. Two actual twigs from Stinson Beach, California, provide a small inner pop-up. The box was made by John DeMerritt in Emeryville, California. The book was designed by Charles Hobson and assembled by Charles Hobson and Alice Shaw.

The edition is limited to forty-two copies each signed by the author and the artist.


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