“Hannon melds a vision of the inner self and the ineffable world, and does so with…craft and illuminating grace.  The effect of his poems can be like looking into the desert vastness at night when the landscape is suddenly lit up by a flash of lightning.”

Joseph Stroud
Santa Cruz, California


The stark, vivid imagery of this previously unpublished poem comes from Michael Hannon, a California poet who has been writing and publishing for fifty years.

This publication pairs Hannon’s poetry with hand-set Meridien type, Weiss Initials Series III, and a bird-like decorative device that flies irregularly above, below and between the verses. It is printed in three colors on Frankfurt and sewn into covers of walnut-stained flax sheet handmade by Bridget O’Malley at Cave Paper. Carolee Campbell at the Ninja Press designed, printed, and bound this book, receiving assistance in the binding from Karen Skove Chu. There are 100 numbered copies and twelve lettered copies hors commerce.

This book is signed by the poet.



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