Praxis, n. [ Greek; doing, acting, action, practice ]  1. The practice or exercise of a technical subject or art, as distinct from the theory of it.  2.  An example or collection of examples to serve for exercise in a subject…

Oxford English Dictionary, 1933


With this book Julie Chen encourages the reader to “start anywhere” and “immerse yourself in the process.” The book includes a complex binding structure and several movable mechanisms illustrating the colorful revelations possibly growing out of the creative process.

The book was written and designed by Julie Chen and printed with a letter press by Jill Lerner at the Ringling College of Art and Design. It was bound by the artist at the Flying Fish Press with the assistance of Faith Hale. It is from an edition of forty-five numbered copies, three artist’s proofs, and one presentation proof, each signed by the artist.  There are also two archival impressions.



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