Peter Koch was born in Missoula, Montana, and it was there in 1974 that he began printing under the name Black Stone Press. In 1978, he moved the press to the Bay Area and since then has been a fine press printer for bibliophiles and learned institutions. His focus has been on the intersection of art (in particular images from prominent wood engravers and photographers), philosophy (in particular Greek philosophers), and literature (in particular maverick poets).  He is committed to promoting the craft of typography, papermaking, printing, book binding, and the design of books.

All of the books from Peter Koch, Printers or from Editions Koch are beautifully and meticulously made, demonstrating Peter’s commitment to the adage there is no art without craft. The authors with whom he has worked include W.S. Merwin, Denise Levertov, Margaret Atwood, and Robert Creeley. The artists with whom he has worked include Kara Walker, Richard Wagener, Robert Morgan, Ira Yeager, and Manuel Neri.

In 2005, Peter founded the CODEX Foundation which is dedicated to preserving and promoting the hand made book as a work of art. The Foundation sponsors the biennial CODEX bookfair and symposium in the Bay Area, and it has become the single most important bookfair for artists in the United States.


Books with Peter Koch available from Boreas Fine Art:

[ Koch, Peter ]  Merwin, W.S.  Small Elegies.  Berkeley: Editions Koch.  2011.

[ Koch, Peter and Ira Yeager ]  Bowles, Paul.  2137 Tanger Socco.  Berkeley: Del Milion Editions.  2011.

[ Koch, Peter Rutledge ]  Earling, Debra Magpie.  The Lost Journals of Sacajewea.  Berkeley: Editions Koch.  2010.

Wagener, RichardCalifornia in Relief.  San Francisco: The Book Club of California.  2009.

[ Koch, Peter and Robert Morgan ]  Brodsky, Joseph.  Watermark.  Venice: Peter Koch, Printer.  2006.

[ Richard Wagener ]  Parmenides.  Robert Bringhurst, trans.  The Fragments of Parmenides & an English Translation.  Berkeley: Editions Koch.  2004.



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