Celebrated artist Jean Dubuffet created this scroll-format book after being inspired by a Joan Miró scroll. Nearly twenty feet in length, this monumental work features a collage-like sprawl of imagery in the artist’s signature style. Dubuffet chose twelve black-and-white drawings as the basis for the scroll and with them created a lively procession of figures and patterns. The drawings used for this piece were originally created for his Mémoration and Annale series (1978-79). From left to right, the drawings used are Mémoration VIII, Annale XIX, Mémoration XIX, Annale XI, Annale XVIII, Mémoration XVI, Annale XXIII, Mémoration XXI, Annale VI, Mémoration XV, Annale XVII, and Annale XIV.

To execute the printing of this piece, Dubuffet worked with Pace Editions in New York which published many of the artist’s prints and multiples during the 1970s and 1980s. This scroll is silkscreen-printed onto silk with a paper lining. Two wooden dowels are attached to the ends of the scroll, and the entire piece is housed in a hinged wooden box. The lid of the box is silkscreened with a black-and-white illustration of seven figures by Dubuffet.

A metal plaque inside the lid of the box reproduces the artist’s signature and is etched with the edition number. The total edition for this work is 90 copies, with 10 copies hors commerce numbered I to X. This scroll is initialed, dated, and numbered 22/80 by the artist.


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