This book is an essential reference for the art being made in New York in the early sixties. Danielle Kramer of the Art Institute of Chicago, writing in Art through the Pages (Museum Studies, vol.34, no. 2, 2008), makes the case:

One Cent Life makes the reader a witness to the inspirations and interactions of the artists brought together by the project… [It] captures the era’s great innovators and provides a window onto the vibrant origins of overlapping movements and their creators.

The overlapping movements to which she refers are pop art, represented in the book by Andy Warhol and others, abstract expressionism, represented in the book by Joan Mitchell and Sam Francis and others, and CoBrA, represented in the book by Walasse Ting himself. The milieu of the 1960s art world in New York comes alive in this evocative book.

The idea for the book came from poet and artist Walasse Ting but its execution was made possible only by the support and organization of Sam Francis who recruited both the twenty-seven other artists who made contributions and Galerie Kornfeld in Bern which became the publisher. The gallery held an exhibition for the book upon its publication in 1964.

The artists included in this landmark work are:







In total, the book contains sixty-eight original color lithographs to accompany Ting’s poetry. It is a limited edition of 2000 copies, with another 100 special edition copies on larger hand-made paper of which this copy is one (the New York Edition).




Asger Jorn
Allan Kaprow
Alfred Leslie
Roy Lichtenstein
Joan Mitchell
Kiki O.K.
Claes Oldenburg
Mel Ramos
Robert Rauschenberg

Jean-Paul Riopelle
James Rosenquist
Antonio Saura
Kimber Smith
K.R.H. Sonderborg
Walasse Ting
Bram van Velde
Andy Warhol
Tom Wesselmann

Pierre Alechinsky
Karel Appel
Machteld Appel
Enrico Baj
Alan Davie
Jim Dine
Oyvind Falstrom
Sam Francis
Robert Indiana
Alfred Jensen

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