With this exhibition Boreas Fine Art will present twenty-four recently acquired books: some newly published and others iconic works from the post-war and contemporary period.

All of the books in this exhibition are available for viewing on this website or in person at our studio at 260 E. Chestnut Street in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood.  To see a photograph of the installation of this exhibition click here or scroll to the bottom of this page. To make arrangements for a visit please see our  About page or click here.

Broodthaers, Marcel. MINUIT. Brussels: George Hoyoux. 1960.

Minuit is one of Broodthaers’ earliest creative endeavors in book form, completed when he was primarily a poet rather than a conceptual artist.  It displays many of the hallmarks of his later work and also many of the images that he would continue to rework throughout his career.  Minuit is a limited edition softcover letterpress book which is exceedingly scarce in North America.

[ [ Bosman, Richard ] Mather, Cotton, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry David Thoreau, and John Greenlef Whittier. CAPTIVITY NARRATIVE OF HANNAH DUSTON RELATED BY COTTON MATHER, JOHN GREENLEAF WHITTIER, NATHANIEL HAWTHORN AND HENRY DAVID THOREAU, FOUR VERSIONS OF EVENTS IN 1697. San Francisco: Arion Press. 1987.

Richard Bosman illustrates four versions by four famous American writers of the Indian captivity narrative of Hannah Duston. Rendered in black-and-white with red ink to theatrically portray blood, this volume contains thirty-four woodblock prints throughout the text.

[ Chillida, Eduardo ] Racine, Charles. LE SUJET EST LA CLAIRIÈRE DE SON CORPS. [ Paris ] : Maeght Editeur. 1975.

This volume features poems in French by the Swiss poet Charles Racine accompanied by abstract illustrations by sculptor Eduardo Chillida. Chillida has created a suite of four black-and-white hors texte aquatint etchings, printed by Atelier Morsang, that exhibit his architectural approach to scuplture and drawing.

[ Dali, Salvador ] Apollinaire, Guillaume. POÈMES SECRETS. Paris: Éditions Argillet. 1967.

This book is an intriguing union of the work of the influential French poet Guillaume Apollinaire and the Surrealist Spanish artist Salvador Dali.  Collected in this volume is a series of erotic “secret poems” that Apollinaire wrote in love letters he exchanged with the schoolteacher Madeleine Pagès during his time in the trenches in World War I.  Dali illustrates the sensual poems with a suite of black-and-white drypoints featuring his own characteristically surreal figurative imagery.


Peter Doig frequently depicts snow sports in his paintings and prints, and for this limited edition work he has created both an illustrated bookplate and an original color etching featuring a skier.

Dubuffet, Jean. PARCOURS.  [ New York ] : Pace Editions. 1981

This nineteen-foot scroll features a collage-like sprawl of imagery in the artist’s signature style. Dubuffet chose twelve black-and-white drawings as the basis for the scroll and with them created a lively procession of figures and patterns.

[ Maret, Russell ] Æschylus and Henry David Thoreau, trans. PROMETHEUS BOUND. New York: Russell Maret. 2007.

This version of Prometheus Bound, the famous play by Aeschylus, was created by Russell Maret using Henry David Thoreau’s 1843 translation.  It’s design juxtaposes the lines of the characters on a central axis down the middle of the page, made possible by the fact that there is never more than two characters on stage at one time. This innovative design arrangement is accompanied by an original frontispiece drawing by Maret.

[ Maret, Russell ] Strand, Mark. NOCTURNES. Brooklyn: Russell Maret. 2011.

For this book, Maret chose twenty-three works from former United States Poet Laureate Mark Strand and designed the typeface wryly called Strand Serif especially for this publication. Unlike some of Maret’s other books, this work features no illustrations, allowing Strand’s brief, poetic vignettes, characteristically surreal in their imagery, to speak for themselves.

Maret, Russell. THE BOOK OF JONAH. [ New York ] : Russell Maret. 2012.

The familiar Biblical story of Jonah is interpreted in this book by artist and printer Russell Maret who used a horizontal format, the King James translation of the Bible, and a spiky typeface called Nicolas from the Dale Guild Type Foundry which in turn is based on lettering from the 12th century.

[ Maret, Russell ] Euclid and Sir Thomas Little Heath, trans. INTERSTICES & INTERSECTIONS, OR AN AUTODIDACT COMPREHENDS A CUBE. [ New York ] : Russell Maret. 2014.

Featuring commentary and illustrations by the artist, this large-scale accordion book explores the principles of geometry on a mathematic and personal basis. Maret’s layered printing process results in illustrations that have a distinctive, luminous quality and are masterpieces of printing virtuosity. Mark Dimunation, Chief of the Rare Book and Special Collections Division at the Library of Congress, has called this book “a tour de force of color printing.”

[ Maret, Russell ] Schneider, Nina. PRESSED FOR TIME: A DESCRIPTIVE BIBLIOGRAPHY OF THE WORK OF RUSSELL MARET. New York: Russell Maret. 2014.

This richly illustrated and handsomely produced bibliography describes the work of artist and printer Russell Maret. Covering Maret’s manuscripts and printed books, as well as commissioned works, broadsides, and ephemera, it is also highlighted with tipped-in specimens of leaves and ten pages of four-color photographs of the artist’s books by his wife Annie Schlecter.

Maret, Russell, ed. HUNGRY BIBLIOPHILES : AN EXPERIMENT IN UTILITARIAN BOOKMAKING. [ New York ] : Russell Maret. 2015.

Instigated by a series of conversations between printer Russell Maret and paper scholar and MacArthur Grant winner Tim Barrett, this unusual fine press book was created to test the durability of paper handmade by Barrett using papermaking methods believed to have been used in Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries.  Both typefaces used in this volume were designed by Maret based on earlier ecclesiastical and secular designs.


Palermo, Blinky. MINIATUREN II. [ Munich ] : Galerie Heiner Friedrich. 1975

Miniaturen II was Blinky Palermo’s final book. Published two years before his death at age thirty-three, it features very small prints, as the title implies, that showcase his signature style of geometric abstraction on an intimate scale.

[ Puryear, Martin ] Toomer, Jean. CANE. San Francisco: Arion Press. 2000.

First published in 1923, the ambitious, experimental novel Cane by Jean Toomer is here presented with artwork by the celebrated sculptor Martin Puryear.  Puryear chose to illustrate the edition here with seven large woodblock prints that serve as abstract portraits of the female characters in the book and three small prints that are tipped into the book to introduce its three sections.

[ Righi, François ] Grégoire, Marie. HEURES DISPERSÉES. [ Paris ] : François Righi. 2014.

This book features drawings and thoughts inspired by the coffered ceiling in the oratory of the Hôtel Lallemant, a Renaissance-era building in Bourges. The coffers decorated with crests and cherubs are the stimulus for Righi’s intricate drawings, calligraphies, and engravings.

Ruscha, Edward. THIRTYFOUR PARKING LOTS IN LOS ANGELES. [ Los Angeles ] : [ Edward Ruscha ]. 1967.

In the 1960s, artist Ed Ruscha created a series of now-iconic photographic artist’s books using low cost means of production and distribution, and Thirtyfour Parking Lots in Los Angeles is one of them.  These emotionally flat, documentary-style photographs present a stark contrast to fine art photography of the time in which Ruscha had no interest. They simply but obliquely document a critical aspect of the Los Angeles area and of the life style of the people who live there.


Ruscha, Edward. Mason Williams and Patrick Blackwell. Royal Road Test. Los Angeles: [ Edward Ruscha ]. 1967.

One of the highly influential photographic books created by Ed Ruscha in the 1960s, Royal Road Test documents the wreckage of a typewriter thrown from a speeding car. This project was the result of a spontaneous action by Ruscha and his friends Mason Williams and Patrick Blackwell, and in the book the perpetrators make an express reference to the Dada art movement which began fifty years earlier.

[ Schäpers, Veronika ] Grünbein, Durs. 26°57,3'N, 142°16,8'E. Tokyo: Veronika Schäpers. 2007.

Designed and created by book artist Veronika Schäpers, this book features three poems by the German writer Durs Grünbein with a Japanese translation by Yuji Nawata. The title of the book refers to the coordinates at which Japanese biologist Tsunemi Kubodera took the first photographs of a living giant squid, the Architeuthis. Schäpers has illustrated these poems by drawing on scientific data and nautical charts and by choosing elegant and rare local materials.


[ Schäpers, Veronika ] Scott, Robert F. March 29, 1912. Berlin: Veronika Schäpers. 2012.

In 1910, British explorer Robert Falcon Scott set off on an ill-fated and impractically planned expedition in which he attempted to be the first to reach the South Pole. The last sentence he wrote in his journal is the only text in this otherwise complex tribute to Scott’s bravery.  Through her expert use of contemporary materials, Schäpers has created the feeling that Scott’s sentence is frozen in the ice for all time.


Sheehy, Shawn. A POP-UP CULINARY HERBAL. [ Chicago ] : Paperboy Press. 2013.

Like many of Shawn Sheehy’s distinctive pop-up books, this book about plant lore concerns the intersection of the natural world and human culture. It describes and illustrates twelve heirloom varieties of vegetables with a twist: while the cultivars and their nutritional information are described accurately, their curative qualities are invented by the artist.


Smith, Kiki. FOUNTAINHEAD. [ Columbus, Ohio ] : Logan Elm Press. 1991

A classic example of artist Kiki Smith’s investigation of human anatomy, Fountainhead is an artist’s book that depicts various body parts emitting their associated bodily fluids. The prints include eyes leaking tears, a mouth dribbling saliva, an ear oozing wax, and more.

Spector, Buzz. [ UNTITLED. ] 1983. An altered book with miniature metal bombs.  [ Rumpf, Hans. Das War der Bombenkrieg.  Oldenburg : Gerhard Stalling Verlag. 1961 ]

A book created by book artist Buzz Spector, this volume conceals miniature metal bomb sculptures within its pages. For this work, Spector chose to alter Das War der Bombenkrieg, a German book published in 1961 about the firebombing of German cities in World War II.

[ Van Dongen, Kees ] Baudelaire, Charles. Les Fleurs du Mal. Paris-Bievres: [ Pierre de Tartas. ] 1947.

This group of largely erotic poems not only solidified Charles Baudelaire’s reputation among his contemporaries as a degenerate but added criminal prosecutions for blasphemy and obscenity to his resumé.  This classical livre d’artiste edition by Kees van Dongen evocatively captures the eroticism of the poetry.  It is one of fifty copies on Vélin d’Arches with an extra suite of the illustrations which were printed at Atelier Crommelynk.

Yamamoto, Masao. YAMAMOTO MASAO. South Dennis: 21st Editions.  2011.

Yamamoto Masao is a deluxe publication by 21st Editions celebrating the art of Japanese photographer Masao Yamamoto. One of several books the photographer has created, this set includes two volumes and a portfolio of loose prints. The collection of Yamamoto’s work presented here highlights the Zen-like stillness of his photographs.

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