This book explores the themes of love and war from the dual perspectives first of gods, viz., Aphrodite and Ares, and then of the mortals, viz., Nelson and Emma. Both the dramatic battle scenes printed on transparent film and the various Renaissance portraits of Aphrodite are overlaid with an acrylic wash signifying the bloodiness and destruction of war. The cover’s lenticular photograph portrays, in one view, Aphrodite looking impassively on as, in the other view, three ships sail into a bloodbath. In the final opening of the concertina fold spine a pop-up of a two-masted square rigged ship evokes the same scene with Aphrodite looking on from the sails on the fore and main masts.

The text and design of this book are by Charles Hobson who assembled it with the assistance of Alice Shaw. The lenticular photograph was made at RWC Digital Graphics in Fort Worth. The slipcase and covers were made by John DeMerritt in Emeryville, California.

The edition is limited to thirty-five copies each signed by the author and artist Charles Hobson.



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