Maeght’s founder, Aimé Maeght (pronounced mawg), began his career as a printer and lithographer in Cannes but turned his print shop into an art gallery in 1936. Ten years later, just after the end of World War II, he moved the gallery to Paris and began showing work of the post-war avant garde:  Kandinsky, Calder, Tàpies, Kelly, and Chagall. Early on, as a gallerist, Maeght began a publishing program that included gallery catalogues, exquisite livres d’artistes, the journal Derrière le Miroir, and trade edition art books. In the past sixty years Maeght Éditeur has published over 12,000 separate titles.

In 1956 Aimé’s son Adrien started a new gallery on the Left Bank which hosted the next generation of contemporary artists such as Jean-Paul Riopelle, Eduardo Chillida, and Gérard Gasiorowski. Now the patriarch of the Maeght family, Adrien’s three children remain actively involved in publishing and the arts, having galleries in Paris, Barcelona, and Beverly Hills.


Books from Maeght Éditeur available from Boreas Fine Art:

Braque, GeorgesCahier de Georges Braque 1917-1955.  Paris: Maeght Éditeur.  1948 [1956] (First expanded edition comprising ninety-four pages covering 1917-1947 and twenty-four additional pages covering 1947-1955).

[ Chillida, Eduardo ] Racine, Charles. Le Sujet est la Clairière de son Corps. [ Paris ] : Maeght Editeur. 1975.



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