An intriguing collaboration between two significant figures of Surrealism who both made artists’ books, this volume was written by French poet Jacques Prévert and illustated by visual artist Max Ernst. Prévert’s writing in this work imagines a wide-ranging conversation between various birds and dogs on the subject of human art and literature.

To accompany the text, Ernst contributed two original color etchings as well as twenty-five color lithographs. These colorful illustrations depict otherworldly figures that are at once bird-like and human-like. The lithographs were printed by Mourlot Fréres while the etchings were printed by Georges Visat, a close friend of Ernst’s.

This book comes loose as issued in the original paper wrapper. It is housed in a cloth-covered clamshell box. The spine of the box is stamped in black with the title, the author’s name, and the artist’s name.  This copy is numbered 121 out of an edition limited to 300 with an additional 20 copies reserved for the collaborators. Both etchings are signed by the artist in pencil.


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