Leaders et Enfants Nus is a puzzle-like sculptural book object created by French sculptor Jean Robert Ipoustéguy. The sculpture consists of a polished aluminum box which opens two ways to reveal two different books. The inner component of the box is decorated with geometric cut-outs and three tunnels that run all the way through the box. The aluminum dowel that forms the central tunnel serves to secure the two books inside the box.

One of the books inside the box comprises nine unbound aluminum plates, loose as issued. Each of these reflective plates is colored, either black, red, blue, or silver, and features a design by Ipoustéguy. One of the plates is cut into a shaped design at its corner. A circular die-cut through each plate allows the book to fit over the central dowel in the box. Each plate is etched with the artist’s last name, and the plates are interleaved with glassine for protection.

The other book in the box is a perfect bound codex printed on Johannot paper and bound with red, reflective, silk-textured covers. This book features nine black line illustrations hors texte by Ipoustéguy. The text, in French, is a mixture of visual poetry and stream-of-consciousness writing. Like the aluminum plates, this book also has a circular die-cut through it to secure it on the central dowel of the box.

This copy is number 26 out of 135 numbered copies and 25 roman numeral copies with Ipoustéguy’s sculptural box. It is signed and dated by the artist inside the paper book at the colophon. The artist’s signature is also etched inside the aluminum box at a corner of the cover.


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