This book is a collection of poems and illustrations by Max Ernst.  The eponymous Le Musée de l’Homme actually exists; it is an anthropology museum in Paris which Ernst may have chosen as an outgrowth of his early studies in psychology, or perhaps from his interest in the naïve art of the mentally ill, or perhaps from his fascination with his own childhood fantasies. The book was published on the occasion of an exhibition at Galerie Alexandre Iolas in Paris in 1965.

The book is from an edition of 333 of which ninety-nine, including this copy, contain two color aquatints signed or initialed by Ernst. The binding is sand colored cloth with a matching slipcase. The bound-in wrappers were designed and illustrated by Ernst’s wife, the American painter Dorothea Tanning. The aquatints were printed in Paris by Georges Visat.


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