A collaboration between Marc Chagall and his close friend Camille Bourniquel, this book features ten original color lithographs hors texte. Bourniquel, an award-winning biographer, novelist, screen writer, and poet, writes in this volume about Chagall’s art and the themes running through his oeuvre. Chagall’s colorful and inventive illustrations portray angels, birds, and other characteristic motifs. The text for this book was printed letterpress by the Imprimerie Nationale, while the lithographs were printed by Mourlot.

This is a very scarce book. WorldCat indicates that there are no copies in libraries in the United States, and only four sales of the book at auction are recorded in the last thirty years.  This copy is complete, but art auction records indicate that other copies have been broken up for sales of individual hors texte lithographs.

The folios of this book are loose as issued with deckled edges. The book comes with the original paper wrapper and cloth-covered chemise and slipcase. The title is stamped in gold on the spine of the chemise. This copy is number 169 out of an edition of 180 plus ten reserved for the author and 15 hors commerce. It is signed by the author and the artist on the justification page.


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