Julie Chen says this book is “an exploration about the perception of the world beyond a person’s immediate physical experience.” Its innovative structure, not a rigorously ordered codex but a variation on a format originally designed by Hedi Kyle, permits a reader to examine Chen’s text and illustrations in a manner of the reader’s choosing, or in a manner that’s simply random.

The idea for the book came from stories Chen read about the disappearance of grasslands in Mongolia due to overgrazing and to ten years of extreme winters that reduced by as much as twenty percent the size of the herds upon which the nomadic horsemen of the country depended. This book uses conventionally-sized component parts to capture the vastness of central Asia:  it can be opened to a width greater than five feet and positioned to show only a continuous and recurring landscape without text.

The book was written, designed, and produced by Julie Chen. It was made with a combination of letterpress printing and monoprinting. It is an edition of fifty copies each signed by the artist.



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