Featuring Michael Kenna’s haunting photographs of Huangshan, this book presents over forty poems from the eighth century Tang Dynasty in China, an era regarded as the Golden Age of Chinese poetry. Huangshan is a mountain range in the east of China whose beauty has inspired artists and poets throughout history.  Mt. Huangshan, in particular, has been important in art and literature since, in the eighth century, the belief developed that the elixir of life was discovered on the mountain.

Translated by Stanton Hager, the poems in this book describe life in the mountains – traveling on mountain roads, the changing of the seasons, and the natural environment. Kenna’s evocative black-and-white photographs capture the elusive beauty of both the mountains and these poems. The text includes an introduction by John Wood and an afterword by the translator. The typography was designed and and the book was printed by Michael Russem at the Kat Ran Press.

This book is case-bound in olive-colored silk with Chinese characters stamped in gold on the cover and the title stamped in black on the spine. Handmade paste papers serve as endpapers. Kenna’s twelve platinum prints are tipped in the bound book hors texte. An additional platinum print is tipped onto a loose sheet of paper housed in a paper portfolio that is blind embossed with the 21st Editions logo. The platinum prints were printed by John Marcy, and each of the prints is signed by Kenna. The book and the portfolio are housed in a decorative silk-covered clamshell box with the artist’s name and the book’s title stamped in black on the spine. The binding was designed and executed by Mark Tomlinson.

This copy is number 18 out of 60 numbered copies and 15 lettered copies hors commerce. It is signed by Stanton Hager, John Wood, Michael Kenna, and publisher Steven Albahari.


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