Georges Braque is best known as the developer with Picasso of cubism and analytic cubism, a fact that was recently commemorated by a one-man exhibition at the Phillips Collection in Washington entitled “Georges Braque & the Cubist Still Life, 1928 – 1945.” As with Picasso, however, his body of work was much broader in scope than cubism and he remained an eminent and prolific artist until his death in 1963.

Braque’s earliest somewhat immature works were imitations of the impressionists which was not unusual for a young French artist at that time, but he quickly moved beyond it and, primarily under the influence of his friend Othon Friesz, began painting in a fauvist style in 1906. He showed fauve paintings at the Salon des Indépendents in Paris in 1907. He had his first solo show with Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler, a prominent Parisian dealer and publisher of livres d’artistes, in 1908. Braque was by this time very much part of the cultural, literary, and artistic milieu of Paris and he associated closely with fellow artists Juan Gris, Francis Picabia, Marie Laurencin, and Raoul Dufy, to name just a few.

Braque produced as many livres d’artistes as any artist of his stature in the twentieth century although they were mostly made late in his life. His earliest book, Les Ardioses du Toit, was published privately by poet Pierre Reverdy in 1918 and contained two drawings. Braque made only two other books until the end of World War II at which time his output exploded. Before he died he was involved as an artist with over fifty books and another four were published posthumously. This may not be surprising given that Braque’s earliest art dealer, Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler, was a prolific publisher and in 1940 Braque began a long association with Aimé Maeght, another committed art dealer and publisher. While working with Maeght Braque developed a relationship with master printer Fernand Mourlot with whom he produced most of the lithographs that were put into his books. For intaglio processes, Braque worked with Atelier Crommelynck.


Books with Georges Braque available from Boreas Fine Art:

Braque, Georges.  Cahier de Georges Braque 1917-1955.  Paris: Maeght Éditeur.  1948 [1956] (First expanded edition comprising ninety-four pages covering 1917-1947 and twenty-four additional pages covering 1947-1955 prepared with Pierre-André Benoit).

[ Braque, Georges ]  Herrigel, Eugen; introduction by Daisetz T. Suzuki.  Le Tir à l’Arc.            [ Paris ]: Louis Broder.  [1960].



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