Géo Harly: Danseur Parodiste is a book conceived by artist Christian Boltanski. Reproduced in the book are family photographs of a performer named Géo Harly. A brief introductory note in French explains that the artist found these photographs in a cigar box and that Boltanski believes Harly was born a little more than a century before the publication of the book, that he had a brother, and that he loved his mother very much.

The nine sepia-toned photographs are reproduced by offset lithography as though they were in a family photo album. They show Harly posing in clown makeup and, without clown makeup, posing with his brother and mother. Like other books in which Boltanski attempts to reconstruct either his own childhood or the lives of others through a collection of photographs, this volume underlines the commonality of the human experience.  Viewers are reminded of their own family and family photographs.

This book is presented in a softcover sewn binding with covers of gray textured cardstock. It was printed on Vergé Ivoire laid paper by l’Imprimerie DIPS in Dijon with graphic design by CDM, Dijon. This is the second book in the series “l’album” by the publisher.

This volume was published in an edition of 300. This copy is numbered 236 in pencil at the colophon.


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