With this exhibition Boreas Fine Art presents artists’ books made by artists who initially established their reputations with artistic media other than books. Many of the books presented are iconic works in the post-war period, and others are lesser known works that are nevertheless important parts of a major artist’s œuvre.

All of the books in this exhibition are available for viewing on this website or in person at our studio at 260 E. Chestnut Street in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood. To see a photograph of the installation of this exhibition, click here or scroll to the bottom of this page. To make arrangements for a visit please see our About page or click here.

[ Baldessari, John ]  Sterne, Laurence.  THE LIFE AND OPINIONS OF TRISTRAM SHANDY, GENTLEMANSan Francisco: Arion Press.  1988.

A tour de force of comic philosophizing, this three volume set by the Arion Press contains inventive photocollages by John Baldessari inspired by quotations from the first stream of consciousness book.  Signed by Baldessari.


Braque, GeorgesCAHIER DE GEORGES BRAQUE 1917-1955Paris: Maeght Éditeur.  1948 [1956] (First expanded edition comprising ninety-four pages covering 1917-1947 and twenty-four additional pages covering 1947-1955).

Herein Georges Braque records his thoughts on art and life in his own handwriting and with his own illustrations. They are reproduced with ninety-four black and white photolithographs. This copy also contains the later supplement published by Maeght in 1956.


Broodthaers, Marcel (after Stéphane Mallarmé).  IMAGE; UN COUP DE DÉS JAMAIS N’ABOLIRA LE HASARD.  Antwerp: Galerie Wide White Space.  1969.

This is an appropriation of Stéphane Mallarmé’s abstruse poem but without the words. It is an example of Marcel Broodthaers’ eccentric exploration of visual symbolism and the meaning of language.  An edition limited to three hundred copies.


Broodthaers, MarcelUN VOYAGE EN MER DU NORD.  Brussels: Hossmann (in association with Petersburg Press, London).  1973.

The namesake for Rosalind Krauss’ post-medium art world, this conceptual book explores the use of mixed media through depictions of two voyages on the North Sea.  An edition limited to 1000 copies.

[ Dine, Jim ]   THE APOCALYPSE: THE REVELATION OF ST. JOHN THE DIVINESan Francisco: Arion Press.  1982.

The symbolic message of The Book of Revelation is delivered in this Arion Press edition through the incongruous pairing of the sonorous aristocratic prose of seventeenth century England, in the form of the King James Bible (1611), and the contemporary twentieth century woodcuts of Jim Dine. Signed by the publisher and by Jim Dine.


[ Dine, Jim ]  Milosz, Czeslaw.  ŚWIAT / THE WORLDSan Francisco: Arion Press.  1989.

This group of “naïve” poems by Nobel Laureate Czeslaw Milosz was written during the Nazi occupation of Poland. It includes a portrait of the poet by Jim Dine and an essay by Helen Vendler. Limited to 275 copies signed by both Milosz and Dine.

[ Duchamp, Marcel ]   Lebel, Robert et al. EAU ET GAZ À TOUS LES ÉTAGES. [ Paris ] : Éditions Trianon.  1959.

This is Duchamp’s first catalogue raisonné prepared by a close associate and encased in a box designed by Duchamp. This deluxe edition is limited to 137 copies and is signed by both Duchamp and Lebel.


Ernst, MaxLE MUSÉE DE L’HOMME SUIVI DE PÊCHE AU SOLEIL LEVANT.  [Paris]: Galerie Alexandre Iolas.  1965.

This book is a collection of poems and illustrations by Max Ernst who, before the war, was one of the most innovative and engaging book artists of his time. It was made late in his life and has bound-in wrappers designed and illustrated by Ernst’s wife, the American painter Dorothea Tanning. An edition of ninety-nine signed copies with two original color aquatints.

[ Hockney, DavidSpender, StephenCHINA DIARY.  London: Thames and Hudson Ltd.  1982.

A record of a trip taken by David Hockney and Stephen Spender, this 1982 book features the masterful writing of Stephen Spender and 158 reproductions of illustrations painted, drawn, or photographed by David Hockney.  Signed by Hockney and Spender.  It also includes an original lithograph signed and numbered by Hockney.

[ Johns, JasperBeckett, SamuelFOIRADES / FIZZLESLondon: Petersburg Press, S.A.  1976.

An unusual collaboration between two giants of modernism and contemporary art. All of the motifs for the illustrations are from an earlier work by Johns and chosen by him on the basis of his a priori knowledge of Beckett. This is one of an edition of 250 copies (plus fifty hors commerce) signed by Beckett and Johns.

[ Kelly, Ellsworth ]  Ashbery, John.  PLANT DRAWINGS.  New York: Matthew Marks Gallery.  1992.

This is a signed exhibition catalogue for an exhibition of Kelly’s plant drawings that preceded the recent exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum by twenty years. This elegantly illustrated book is one of one hundred copies signed by Kelly and by John Ashbery who contributed an essay.

[ Matisse, Henri ]  D’Orleans, Charles.  POÈMES DE CHARLES D’ORLÉANSParis: Tériade Éditeur.  1950.

This is Matisse’s last livre d’artiste and a tribute to a fifteenth century French poet. This edition has over fifty original full-page illustrations and is limited to 1200 copies each signed by Matisse.

Moore, HenrySHELTER-SKETCH-BOOK.  London: Marlborough Fine Art Ltd.  1967.

This portfolio contains eighty collotypes from drawings made by Moore in the London Underground during the Battle of Britain. They represent Moore’s finest work as a draughtsman. This edition is one of 360 English language copies, is signed by Moore, and contains one original color lithograph also signed by Moore.

[ Motherwell, Robert ]  Paz, Octavio. TRES POEMAS / THREE POEMSNew York: Limited Editions Club.  1988.

The last collaboration between Nobel Laureate Octavio Paz and abstract expressionist Robert Motherwell whose bold gestural style finds a proper setting in this very large format limited fine edition. Signed by Robert Motherwell and Octavio Paz.


Prince, RichardINSIDE WORLD.  New York: Kent Fine Art and Thea Westriech. 1989.

Both an exhibition catalogue and a work of art, this book is Prince’s visual narrative of the media’s portrayal of sex and aggression drawn from the works of many artists including Richard Artschwager, Cindy Sherman, Andy Warhol, Gerhard Richter, Man Ray, Francis Picabia and, of course, Richard Prince himself.  Included is a hand-written joke signed by Prince and archivally framed. The book is one of 250 copies (plus eight artist’s proofs) signed and numbered by Prince.

Prince, RichardWAR PICTURES.  [ New York: ] Artists Space. 1980.  MENTHOL PICTURES.  Buffalo: CEPA Gallery.  1980.  MENTHOL WARS.  [ New York: ] Printed Matter.  1980

This series of three staple-bound paperback books constitutes Richard Prince’s first and rarest artist’s book. Each book is similar but not identical to the other two. Together they constitute his earliest exploration of self image through the lens of commercial promotion. No limitation is stated but these books are very scarce.

Ruscha, Edward  EVERY BUILDING ON THE SUNSET STRIP.  Los Angeles: Edward Ruscha.  1966.

This iconic democratic multiple from the 1960s depicts only what the title proclaims: every building on the Sunset Strip. It is a self-referential work of art in the form of a mass-produced commodity.


Strand, PaulTHE MEXICAN PORTFOLIO.  New York: Da Capo Press.  1967.

This is a new and in Strand’s opinion better edition of his seminal 1940 portfolio Photographs of Mexico. Both editions contain twenty revealing photogravures of Mexico’s landscape, people, architecture, and folk art. This is one of 1,000 copies each signed by Strand.

[ Adams, Ansel ]  Austin, Mary.  TAOS PUEBLO.  Boston: New York Graphic Society.  1977.

This book is a reprint of Adams’ 1930 Grabhorn Press edition of the same name. These photographs document both the timelessness of UNESCO World Heritage Site Taos Pueblo and the roots of Adams as a young photographer following a pictorialist tradition. This is a limited edition of 950 copies each signed by Adams.

Ting, Walasse, edited by Sam Francis1¢  LIFE.  Bern: E.W. Kornfeld. 1964.  (Jim Dine, Robert Indiana, Roy Lichtenstein, Joan Mitchell, James Rosenquist, Andy Warhol, Tom Wesselmann and 23 others.)

The milieu of the 1960s art world in New York comes alive in this evocative book: original color lithographs from abstract expressionism, pop art, and CoBrA. This copy is one of 100 signed in the stone by Ting, Francis, and publisher Kornfeld.


Wool, ChristopherTHE BLACK BOOK.  New York / Cologne: Thea Westreich and Gisela Capitain.  1989.

Seventeen iconic images of words by contemporary artist Christopher Wool. The edition is limited to 350 copies each signed and numbered by the artist. This copy is unique with an inscription to Wool’s Chicago studio assistant.


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