With this exhibition Boreas Fine Art once again presents artists’ books made by artists who established their reputations with artistic media other than books. Many of the books presented are iconic works in the post-war period and others are lesser known works that are nevertheless important parts of a major artist’s œuvre.

All of the books in this exhibition are available for viewing on this website or in person at our studio at 260 E. Chestnut Street in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood.  To see a photograph of the installation of this exhibition click here or scroll to the bottom of this page. To make arrangements for a visit please see our  About page or click here.


[ Braque, Georges ]  Herrigel, Eugen; introduction by Daisetz T. Suzuki.  LE TIR À L’ARC.  [ Paris ]: Louis Broder.  [1960].

This book is a French translation of the book known in English as Zen in the Art of Archery. Excerpts chosen by Braque from the original text are printed in black ink and Braque’s own musings are printed on separate pages in red ink. Braque’s distinctive bird and flower imagery complements the text.  Signed by Braque.


Cage, John, Lois Long, and Alexander Smith.  THE MUSHROOM BOOK.  New York: Hollander Workshop.  1972.

Among the many books to which John Cage contributed, this one is unique for combining two of Cage’s abiding interests – his interest in the role of chance in the making of art and his interest in mushrooms.  Signed on each print by Cage and Long.


Canogar, RafaelLA VIOLENCIA.  Los Angeles: Tamarind Workshop.  1969.

La Violencia is one of this important Spanish artist’s most important graphic works. Printed at Tamarind Workshop in Los Angeles, the work is a suite of eight emotionally-charged lithographs depicting the harsh realities of violent conflict.  Each print is signed, numbered, and dated by the artist.

Chagall, Marc, Pompidou, Georges, ed.  LA POÉSIE. Paris: Art et Poésie. 1976.

La Poésie is an essay on poetry by Georges Pompidou with an original lithograph frontispiece by Marc Chagall. It is strikingly printed in the contemporary but elegant Univers san serif typeface designed by Adrian Frutiger in 1954.  Chagall’s colorful lithograph was printed by Mourlot.  The book is signed by Chagall.

[ Chagall, Marc ]  Bourniquel, Camille.  LA FÉERIE ET LE ROYAUME. Paris: Fernand Mourlot.  1972.

A collaboration between Marc Chagall and his close friend Camille Bourniquel, this book features ten original color lithographs hors texte and a text by Bourniquel, an award-winning biographer, novelist, screen writer, and poet, writing about Chagall’s art and the themes running through his oeuvre.  Signed by the artist and the author.

[ Clemente, Francesco ]  Pound, Ezra.  CATHAY – POEMS AFTER LI PO.  [ New York: ] Limited Editions Club.  1992.

Early in his career, Ezra Pound undertook the translation of a number of Tang Dynasty Chinese poems which he published in 1915 as Cathay. This abridged edition of that book, published by the Limited Editions Club, contains eighteen translated poems and seven hors texte color woodblock prints created by renowned painter Francesco Clemente.  It is signed by the artist at the colophon.

[ Dalí, Salvador ]  Malraux, André.  ROI, JE T’ATTENDS À BABYLONE.  Geneva: Albert Skira.  1973.

Written by literary gris éminence André Malraux, who served as Charles de Gaulle’s Minister of Cultural Affairs, this book is about the events of May 1968 and de Gaulle’s fall from power. It contains twelve original drypoint etchings on parchment by Salvador Dalí and is signed by the author, artist, and publisher.

[ Derain, André ]  Anacreon.  Leconte de Lisle, trans.  ODES ANACRÉONTIQUES.  Lyon: Cercle Lyonnais du Livre.  1953.

Anacreon was a Greek lyric poet of the 6th century B.C.E. who wrote on both serious and frivolous subjects.  In this French translation, the poems are accompanied by fifty black-and-white lithographs by André Derain whose interest in ancient Greek art and literature developed in the 1930s and was maintained for the rest of his life.

[ Dobrowner, Mitch. ]  Blake, William.  THE PROPHESIES OF WILLIAM BLAKE.  South Dennis: 21st Editions.  2012.

Nine hauntingly powerful landscapes by photographer Mitch Dobrowner illustrate passages selected by John Wood from William Blake’s prophetic books, often considered to be among his most important works.  The work includes three additional platinum prints and is signed by the photographer, the editor, and the publisher.


Duchamp, MarcelA L’INFINITIF (THE WHITE BOX).  New York: Cordier & Ekstrom.  1966.

This book is the third and final volume in a series of artist’s books made by Marcel Duchamp about his famous work The Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors, Even (The Large Glass) (1915-23). It features facsimiles of seventy-nine notes relating to The Large Glass but which were left out of earlier volumes.  The book is signed twice by Marcel Duchamp – once on the screenprint and once on the title page of the accompanying booklet.

[ Ernst, Max ]  Prévert, Jacques.  LES CHIENS ONT SOIF.  Paris: Au Pont des Arts. 1964.

A collaboration between two significant figures of Surrealism: French poet Jacques Prévert and artist Max Ernst. Ernst contributed two original color etchings as well as twenty-five color lithographs to accompany Prévert’s text which imagines a conversation between animals about human art and literature. Both etchings are signed by the artist in pencil.

Filliou, Robert14 CHANSONS ET 1 CHARADE.  Stuttgart: Edition Hansjörg Mayer. 1968.

Fluxus artist Robert Filliou wrote this lighthearted and bawdy visual poetry which exemplifies his belief that art should be interactive and readily available to all.  Limited edition.

[ Frankenthaler, Helen ]  Williams, William Carlos.  VALENTINE FOR MR. WONDERFUL.  New York: Tyler Graphics.  1995.

This book features a single poem by William Carlos Williams and seven color intaglio prints by the highly influential painter Helen Frankenthaler whose lyrical compositions, filled with her signature soft washes of color, suggestively complement Williams’ theme of love.  The book is signed and dated by Frankenthaler on the folio.

Hamilton, AnnUNTITLED.  1992.  An altered book with polished pebbles in a lacquered birch and glass case.  [ May Sophie. Little Folks Astray.  Boston: Lee and Shepard Publishers.  1872. ]

The works of conceptual artist Ann Hamilton often reflect her interest in language and the acts of reading, speaking, and listening. With this project she has obscured the text of an older book with polished pebbles thus rendering it unreadable.

[ Indiana, Robert ]  Creeley, Robert. AMERICAN DREAM.  El Segundo: Marco Fine Arts Contemporary Atelier.  1997.

From his LOVE paintings and sculptures (1966) to his series of works entitled Numbers (1965), Robert Indiana’s art is instantly recognizable. Twenty-four of Indiana’s screenprints are bound within this large volume. The six others are held within the book by Mylar corners so that they are removable. Each of the removable prints is signed and numbered by Indiana and the colophon is signed by the publisher.

Ipoustéguy, Jean RobertLEADERS ET ENFANTS NUS.  Paris: Éditions du Soleil Noir.  1970.

This is a puzzle-like sculptural book created by renowned French sculptor Jean Robert Ipoustéguy. The sculpture consists of a polished aluminum box which opens two ways to reveal two different books. The inner book is signed and dated by the artist at the colophon. The artist’s signature is also etched inside the aluminum box at a corner of the cover.

Kassay, Jacob.  [ SANDED EDITION ]  [ London ]: [ Institute of Contemporary Arts. ]  2013.

Like Rauschenberg’s erasure of a de Kooning drawing, this book is an erased exhibition catalogue from the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London which had organized a solo exhibition of Kassay’s work. The artist has disbound the book and sanded away all of the text and illustrations. It is signed and dated by the artist in pencil, which are the book’s only markings.

[ Katz, Alex ]  Creeley, Robert.  THINKING.  Calais, VT: Z Press.  2000.

This book is the third and last collaboration between the painter and printmaker Alex Katz and the poet Robert Creeley. It features a single poem by Creeley and a single original woodcut by Katz. The book is signed by the author at the colophon and by the artist on the print.

Kenna, Michael.  Stanton Hager, trans.  HUANGSHAN: POEMS FROM THE T’ANG DYNASTY.  [ South Dennis ]: 21st Editions.  2009.

Featuring Michael Kenna’s haunting photographs of Huangshan, this book presents over forty poems from the eighth century Tang Dynasty in China, an era regarded as the Golden Age of Chinese poetry. It is signed by the artist, the translator, the editor, and the publisher.

[ Kenna, Michael ]  Adams, Henry.  MONT-SAINT-MICHEL.  South Dennis: 21st Editions.  2008.

This book portrays the Gothic beauty of Mont-Saint-Michel through Michael Kenna’s ethereal contemporary photography and Henry Adams’ stately turn-of-the-last-century writing. It is signed by the artist, the editor, the publisher, and essayist Lance Speer.

Kokoschka, OskarLE BAL MASQUÉ.  Zurich: E. Gloor/Chez Wolfensberger. 1967.

Expressionist painter and printmaker Oskar Kokoschka designed the sets and costumes for a 1963 production of Verdi’s Un Ballo in Maschera in Florence. This oversize book features Kokoschka’s designs in seven original color lithographs with an additional six offset color lithographs. It is signed by the artist, essayist Marcel Jouhandeau, and publisher Madame Felia Léal.

[ Masson, André ]  Malraux, André.  LES CONQUÉRANTS.  Paris: Albert Skira.  1949.

A novel by André Malraux with illustrations by Surrealist painter André Masson, Les Conquérants is a partnership between the work of two major French cultural figures of the 20th century who frequently worked together. Masson here created thirty-three striking hors texte original etchings with aquatint in two colors.  The book is signed by the artist and the author in ink at the colophon.

[ Matta, Roberto and Gerard Charrière (binding) ]  Ritsos, Yannis.  Jacques Lacarrière, translator.  GRÉCITÉ.  Montpelier: Fata Morgana.  1968.

This unique book features the poetry of Yannis Ritsos (as translated into French by Jacques Lacarrière), an original color etching by celebrated painter Roberto Matta, and a stunning fine binding by Gérard Charrière. The etching is numbered and signed by Matta and the binding is tooled with Charrière’s name in gold.

[ Motherwell, Robert ]  Joyce, James.  ULYSSES.  San Francisco: Arion Press.  1988.

This book represents a successful collaboration between a prominent Abstract Expressionist artist and a prominent American fine press. Contained in the book are forty etchings, and this copy includes the extra suite of twenty-two Motherwell etchings published simultaneously with the book. The book and each of the etchings in the extra suite are signed by the artist.

[ Pomodoro, Arnaldo ]  Hunter, Sam.  ARNALDO POMODORO.  New York: Abbeville Press.  1982.

This catalogue raisonné for sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro was compiled by noted American critic and scholar Sam Hunter. The artist created a limited edition sculptural case to house Hunter’s book featuring an elaborate geometric relief sculpture in bronze with a gold patina.  Both the book and the sculpture are signed by the artist.

[ Rivers, Larry ]  Koch, Kenneth.  WHEN THE SUN TRIES TO GO ON.  Los Angeles: Black Sparrow Press.  1969.

This book is one of a number of collaborations between artist Larry Rivers and New York School poet Kenneth Koch. Rivers designed the book, and the cover reproduces a collage by Rivers featuring the title, the author’s name, and photos of Koch.

[ Rivers, Larry ]  Singer, Isaac Beshivis. THE MAGICIAN OF LUBLIN.  New York: Limited Editions Club.  1984.

This book combines Nobel laureate Isaac Bashevis Singer’s novel with three color lithographs by Larry Rivers, hors texte, one of which is printed as a foldout sheet. The books is signed by both the artist and the author.

Rot, Diter (Dieter Roth). DIE BLAUE FLUT.  Stuttgart: Edition Hansjörg Mayer. 1967.

Dieter Roth was an artist well known for his multi-faceted work with books and multiples. This work presents a diary for 1966 that is entirely typographic. No illustrations are included and even the punctuation marks are spelled out as words.

[ Sacabo, Josephine ]  LeJeune, Keagan.  GILDED CIRCLES AND SURE TROUBLE.  South Dennis: 21st Editions.  2012.

This book features the contemporary pictorialist photography of Josephine Sacabo accompanied by the poetry of Keagan LeJeune. This work comprises both a small bound book with ten platinum prints and a separate large portfolio of ten loose photogravures. It is signed by the artist, the poet, the editor, and the publisher.

[ Zúñiga, Francisco and Fernando López Valencia, binder ]  Zúñiga, Francisco. Ali Chumacero, introduction. ZÚÑIGA. Mexico City: Galeria de Arte Misrachi. 1969.

This truly remarkable book has attracted much critical attention.  In The Library of Congress Rare Books and Special Collections: An Illustrated Guide (1992), the book was cited as an example of the boundless creativity contemporary artists’ books have embraced. It is devoid of text and printed image, relying solely upon the movement of strings through die-cut holes.

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