Parmenides is conventionally considered to be a monist, i.e., one who believes in one central and unifying principle or force, but this has been the subject of some debate. He composed one work (fittingly), a metaphysical and cosmological poem set in hexameter verse, the typical medium of epic Greek poetry. It originally may have had 800 verses but only fragments survive, roughly 160 in number but some consisting of only one word. The poem is cast as the story of a young man accompanied by the maiden daughter of Helios into the halls of Night where a goddess instructs him in the nature of a Truth that is neither contingent, incomplete, nor differentiated.

This stunning edition of the poem features twenty relatively coherent fragments translated by Robert Bringhurst, an award winning poet and author of the influential The Elements of Typographical Style (1992). It has five beautiful color wood engravings by Richard Wagener which dramatically accent the text. It was designed and produced by Peter Koch, a long-time and frequent collaborator with Wagener.

Two new Greek typefaces were designed especially for this edition. The left (verso) of each opening features Parmenides Greek designed and cut into steel type by Dan Carr at the Golgonooza Letter Foundry in New Hampshire and the right (recto) of each opening features the translation in a roman typeface in Monotype Dante also set at Golgoonoza. The Greek type on the cover is Diogenes Greek designed by Christopher Stinehour in digital format at his stonecutting studio in Berkeley .

This book is an edition 120 numbered copies and twenty-six out-of-print lettered deluxe copies. It is signed by the translator, the artist, and the publisher.


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