An exploration of world population data, Figure Study is a collaboration between Sarah Bryant of Big Jump Press and David Allen, Assistant Professor in the Biology Department at Middlebury College. Based on information from the U.S. Census Bureau’s International Data Base, this work features linoleum prints on transparent drafting film that visualize the differences in populations in different regions of the world.

Figure Study comes in a decorative wrap-around case covered in olive-colored bookcloth. The leftmost panel of the case features a box, inside of which are 114 prints of population diagrams paired to create human-like forms. Each of the figures is printed in a different color and represents population data for the age groups in two different geographical regions, with one region at the top of the figure and the other at the bottom. Bryant and Allen chose to pair regions with similar fractions of their populations in the over-eighty age class. The data on males is on the left and that on females is on the right.

Accompanying the prints is a hardcover book in the middle of the case containing numerous illustrations and an essay by Allen on the collaborators’ process and the source of the data. The text of this book was set in Adobe Garamond Pro and letterpress printed from polymer plates on Arches Velin Blanc and Zerkall paper. Below the book is a printed grid with small wooden stops to aid in viewing and comparing the transparencies.

Figure Study was printed in an edition of 35, with an additional suite of 40 prints in a cloth-covered clamshell box issued in an edition of ten. This example is signed and numbered 7 by both collaborators at the colophon. It comes with the additional suite of prints which is signed and numbered 5 by the collaborators inside the printed folio included in the box.  It also comes with four additional prints printed on paper and signed by the artist and Dr. Allen: three in an edition of 35 and one in an edition of 15.  This complete set make this deluxe version of the publication very scarce.


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