As a leader in the exhibition and private sales of post-war and contemporary artists’ books, prints, and editions, we are happy to announce the we will be exhibiting at the 2017 EXPO CHICAGO.  From the beginning, our inventory has included work by a wide variety of modern and contemporary artists whose work challenges the constraints of any single artistic medium.  To see a photograph of the installation of this exhibition click here or scroll to the bottom of this page.

[ Bochner, Mel ]  Wittgenstein, Ludwig.  ON CERTAINTY.  San Francisco: Arion Press.  1991.

Wittgenstein, writing a series of notes just prior to his death in 1951, connects certainty with the “difficulty [of realizing] the groundlessness of our believing.”  Conceptual artist Mel Bochner, who has made many works exploring the relationship of language, thought, and vision, has here created a series of drawings based on his reading of Wittgenstein.

Bruggeman, IngeA STUDY OF BLUE.  [Portland]: [Ink-A! Press].  2002.

This small portfolio in an elegant blue box portrays the word “Blue” in orange and blank embossing, thus deconstructing the word as a symbol of its associative color.

[ Chagall, Marc ]  Bourniquel, Camille.  LA FÉERIE ET LE ROYAUME. Paris: Fernand Mourlot.  1972.

A collaboration between Marc Chagall and his close friend Camille Bourniquel, this book features ten original color lithographs hors texte and a text by Bourniquel, an award-winning biographer, novelist, screen writer, and poet, writing about Chagall’s art and the themes running through his oeuvre.  Signed by the artist and the author.

[ Dalí, Salvador ]  Malraux, André.  ROI, JE T’ATTENDS À BABYLONE.  Geneva: Albert Skira.  1973.

Written by literary gris éminence André Malraux, who served as Charles de Gaulle’s Minister of Cultural Affairs, this book is about the events of May 1968 and de Gaulle’s fall from power. It contains twelve original drypoint etchings on parchment by Salvador Dalí and is signed by the author, artist, and publisher.


Peter Doig frequently depicts snow sports in his paintings and prints, and for this limited edition work he has created both an illustrated bookplate and an original color etching featuring a skier.

Dubuffet, Jean. PARCOURS.  [ New York ] : Pace Editions. 1981

This nineteen-foot scroll features a collage-like sprawl of imagery in the artist’s signature style. Dubuffet chose twelve black-and-white drawings as the basis for the scroll and with them created a lively procession of figures and patterns.

Duchamp, MarcelA L’INFINITIF (THE WHITE BOX).  New York: Cordier & Ekstrom.  1966.

This book is the third and final volume in a series of artist’s books made by Marcel Duchamp about his famous work The Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors, Even (The Large Glass) (1915-23). It features facsimiles of seventy-nine notes relating to The Large Glass but which were left out of earlier volumes.  The book is signed twice by Marcel Duchamp – once on the screenprint and once on the title page of the accompanying booklet.

[ Ernst, Max ]  Prévert, Jacques.  LES CHIENS ONT SOIF.  Paris: Au Pont des Arts. 1964.

A collaboration between two significant figures of Surrealism: French poet Jacques Prévert and artist Max Ernst. Ernst contributed two original color etchings as well as twenty-five color lithographs to accompany Prévert’s text which imagines a conversation between animals about human art and literature. Both etchings are signed by the artist in pencil.

[ Frankenthaler, Helen ]  Williams, William Carlos.  VALENTINE FOR MR. WONDERFUL.  New York: Tyler Graphics.  1995.

This book features a single poem by William Carlos Williams and seven color intaglio prints by the highly influential painter Helen Frankenthaler whose lyrical compositions, filled with her signature soft washes of color, suggestively complement Williams’ theme of love.  The book is signed and dated by Frankenthaler on the folio.

Heebner, Mary  SILENT FACES / ANGKOR.  Santa Barbara:  Simplemente Maria Press.  2013.

Begun as a series of collage paintings on paper, this book interprets Hamlet through an emotional lens. Artist Mary Heebner’s visual response to the play focuses on the female characters Ophelia and Gertrude. Her paintings are reminiscent of the work of William Blake, a recognized precursor to the modern artist’s book.

[ Hobson, Charles ]  Boland, Eavan.  QUARANTINE.  San Francisco: Pacific Editions.  2011.

In her Against Love Poetry (2001), Boland sought to escape the effusive courtliness or previous European love poems and to embrace the love of “dailiness,” or the ordinariness that provides much of the beauty in most peoples’ lives. Quarantine is a profoundly moving poem from this collection.

[ Indiana, Robert ]  Creeley, Robert. AMERICAN DREAM.  El Segundo: Marco Fine Arts Contemporary Atelier.  1997.

From his LOVE paintings and sculptures (1966) to his series of works entitled Numbers (1965), Robert Indiana’s art is instantly recognizable. Twenty-four of Indiana’s screenprints are bound within this large volume. The six others are held within the book by Mylar corners so that they are removable. Each of the removable prints is signed and numbered by Indiana and the colophon is signed by the publisher.

Ipoustéguy, Jean RobertLEADERS ET ENFANTS NUS.  Paris: Éditions du Soleil Noir.  1970.

This is a puzzle-like sculptural book created by renowned French sculptor Jean Robert Ipoustéguy. The sculpture consists of a polished aluminum box which opens two ways to reveal two different books. The inner book is signed and dated by the artist at the colophon. The artist’s signature is also etched inside the aluminum box at a corner of the cover.

[ Johns, JasperBeckett, SamuelFOIRADES / FIZZLESLondon: Petersburg Press, S.A.  1976.

An unusual collaboration between two giants of modernism and contemporary art. All of the motifs for the illustrations are from an earlier work by Johns and chosen by him on the basis of his a priori knowledge of Beckett. This is one of an edition of 250 copies (plus fifty hors commerce) signed by Beckett and Johns.

[ LeWitt, Sol ]  Borges, Jorge Luis.  FICCIONES.  New York: Limited Editions Club.  1985.

Ficciones pairs the work of Jorge Luis Borges, a founder of postmodernist literature, and Sol LeWitt, a founder of Conceptual Art.  Appearing at regular intervals throughout the seventeen stories are twenty-two illustrations featuring straight lines overlapping and running in different directions to create LeWitt’s characteristic geometric figures.


[ LeWitt, Sol ]  Heaney, Seamus.  SQUARINGS.  San Francisco: Arion Press.  2003.

In this volume, Conceptual artist Sol LeWitt responds to a series of poems by Nobel Laureate Seamus Heaney. First published in 1991, these poems are similar in shape to a square: they consist of twelve lines arranged into four three-line stanzas.  The mathematical and geometrical presentation of the poems is accompanied by forty-eight illustrations by LeWitt all developed from the form of a square.

[ Matisse, Henri ]  D’Orleans, Charles.  POÈMES DE CHARLES D’ORLÉANSParis: Tériade Éditeur.  1950.

This is Matisse’s last livre d’artiste and a tribute to a fifteenth century French poet. This edition has over fifty original full-page illustrations and is limited to 1200 copies each signed by Matisse.

[ Matta, Roberto and Gerard Charrière (binding) ]  Ritsos, Yannis.  Jacques Lacarrière, translator.  GRÉCITÉ.  Montpelier: Fata Morgana.  1968.

This unique book features the poetry of Yannis Ritsos (as translated into French by Jacques Lacarrière), an original color etching by celebrated painter Roberto Matta, and a stunning fine binding by Gérard Charrière. The etching is numbered and signed by Matta and the binding is tooled with Charrière’s name in gold.

[ Motherwell, Robert ]  Joyce, James.  ULYSSES.  San Francisco: Arion Press.  1988.

This book represents a successful collaboration between a prominent Abstract Expressionist artist and a prominent American fine press. Contained in the book are forty etchings, and this copy includes the extra suite of twenty-two Motherwell etchings published simultaneously with the book. The book and each of the etchings in the extra suite are signed by the artist.

Ono, Yoko. GRAPEFRUIT. New York: Wunternaum Press. 1964.

One of Yoko Ono’s most famous works of any medium, Grapefruit is an influential early example of conceptual art. Like many of her artworks, this book is interactive in nature and contains a collection of text-based conceptual artworks, or instruction pieces. This copy of the scarce first edition features a handwritten inscription by the artist in English and Japanese.

Palermo, Blinky. MINIATUREN II. [ Munich ] : Galerie Heiner Friedrich. 1975

Miniaturen II was Blinky Palermo’s final book. Published two years before his death at age thirty-three, it features very small prints, as the title implies, that showcase his signature style of geometric abstraction on an intimate scale.

[ Picasso, Pablo ] de Rojas, Fernando. LA CÉLESTINE. Paris: Éditions de L’Atelier Crommelynck. 1971.

This influential Spanish novel popularly known as La Celestina was first published in 1499.  Picasso worked with printer Aldo Crommelynck of Atelier Crommelynck to create this edition. It is illustrated by sixty-six etchings and aquatints extracted from a series of Picasso’s prints known as Suite 347 (1968).

[ Pomodoro, Arnaldo ]  Hunter, Sam.  ARNALDO POMODORO.  New York: Abbeville Press.  1982.

This catalogue raisonné for sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro was compiled by noted American critic and scholar Sam Hunter. The artist created a limited edition sculptural case to house Hunter’s book featuring an elaborate geometric relief sculpture in bronze with a gold patina.  Both the book and the sculpture are signed by the artist.

Prince, RichardINSIDE WORLD.  New York: Kent Fine Art and Thea Westriech. 1989.

Both an exhibition catalogue and a work of art, this book is Prince’s visual narrative of the media’s portrayal of sex and aggression drawn from the works of many artists including Richard Artschwager, Cindy Sherman, Andy Warhol, Gerhard Richter, Man Ray, Francis Picabia and, of course, Richard Prince himself.  Included is a hand-written joke signed by Prince and archivally framed. The book is one of 250 copies (plus eight artist’s proofs) signed and numbered by Prince.

Prince, RichardWAR PICTURES.  [ New York: ] Artists Space. 1980.  MENTHOL PICTURES.  Buffalo: CEPA Gallery.  1980.  MENTHOL WARS.  [ New York: ] Printed Matter.  1980

This series of three staple-bound paperback books constitutes Richard Prince’s first and rarest artist’s book. Each book is similar but not identical to the other two. Together they constitute his earliest exploration of self image through the lens of commercial promotion. No limitation is stated but these books are very scarce.

Ruscha, Edward. Mason Williams and Patrick Blackwell. Royal Road Test. Los Angeles: [ Edward Ruscha ]. 1967.

One of the highly influential photographic books created by Ed Ruscha in the 1960s, Royal Road Test documents the wreckage of a typewriter thrown from a speeding car. This project was the result of a spontaneous action by Ruscha and his friends Mason Williams and Patrick Blackwell, and in the book the perpetrators make an express reference to the Dada art movement which began fifty years earlier.

[ Schäpers, Veronika ]  Reich, Stephan.  AOKIGAHARA.  Karlsruhe: Veronika Schäpers.  2016.

Aokigahara is the name of a forest at the base of Mt. Fuji and, after the Golden Gate Bridge, is the world’s second most popular place to commit suicide.  This eponymous book by artist Veronika Schäpers uses a complex stencil process rather than regular printing to create ghostly images and uses staggered pages to create the impression of a person fading into the forest.

Smith, KeithBOOK 91, STRING BOOK.  Rhinebeck: Spaceheater Editions.  1982.

This truly remarkable book has attracted much critical attention.  In The Library of Congress Rare Books and Special Collections: An Illustrated Guide (1992), the book was cited as an example of the boundless creativity contemporary artists’ books have embraced.  It is devoid of text and printed image, relying solely upon the movement of strings through die-cut holes.

Smith, Kiki. FOUNTAINHEAD. [ Columbus, Ohio ] : Logan Elm Press. 1991

A classic example of artist Kiki Smith’s investigation of human anatomy, Fountainhead is an artist’s book that depicts various body parts emitting their associated bodily fluids. The prints include eyes leaking tears, a mouth dribbling saliva, an ear oozing wax, and more.

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