In this volume artist and author Charles Hobson imagines a journal kept by Edgar Dégas on an actual trip Dégas made to Rome in 1857 at the age of twenty-three. In the journal an imaginary woman escorts Dégas to see the city’s masterpieces and explains both their apparent and hidden meanings. The text by Hobson is accompanied by his own drawings after Dégas and by reproductions from Dégas’ own sketchbook. Inserted in five places in the book are cards holding, on one side, didactic material about a Roman masterpiece and, on the other side, one-fifth of a reproduction of Dégas’ self portrait made at the time of the trip. Pulling the cards out of the book and putting them together completes the portrait.

This accordion-fold book is printed on BFK Rives paper. The cover and box have been made by John DeMerritt of Oakland. Charles Hobson designed the book and assembled it with the assistance of Alice Shaw.

The edition limited to thirty-four copies each signed by the author and artist Charles Hobson.



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