Presenting both an idealized and a critical view of travel to foreign lands, this dos á dos bound book captures the dichotomy presented by wanderlust:  in the first section, picture postcard scenes of exotic locales are, in the second section, juxtaposed against actual scenes taken from or in a jet airplane. In both sets of photographs words are intermittently superimposed on the scene to suggest, in the first section, tantalizing travel adventures and memories and, in the second section, pejorative characterizations sometimes applied to foreigners.

The edition has been bound dos á dos in archival bookboard and Kensington premium bonded red leather. Its size and appearance has been chosen to resemble a Baedeker travel guide, a series of books that was popular from the 1880s to the 1930s.

Cruising Altitude is published in an edition of fifty each signed by the artist.



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