Charles Hobson spent his early life first as the son of a boat builder on the East Coast and then as a lawyer in San Francisco. He began his career as a professional artist when he founded Pacific Editions in San Francisco in 1986 and since then has made and published over forty artist’s books.

His books have a “finished” quality about them with fine printing and sometimes elaborate constructions, including pop-ups, within the covers. For images he generally uses monotype as an underpainting which he embellished with pastel, acrylic, or printed text.

In 1998 Charles curated the exhibition at the San Francisco Center for the Book entitled “Art Making Book Making Art.” His own work was the subject of a retrospective in 2002 organized by the Bolinas Museum in Bolinas, California, which traveled to the University of Washington, the University of Virginia, the University of Utah, and Louisiana State University. In 2007, Stanford University acquired his archives and in 2008 organized an exhibition at the Green Library and at the Cantor Art Museum entitled “Experiments in Navigation: The Art of Charles Hobson.” Stanford owns a complete collection of his published works.


Books with Charles Hobson available from Boreas Fine Art:

Hobson, Charles.  Degas in Rome.  San Francisco: Pacific Editions.  2013.

[ Hobson, Charles ]  Boland, Eavan.  Quarantine.  San Francisco: Pacific Editions.  2011.

[ Hobson, Charles ]  Hobson, Sandra and Charles Hobson.  Magic Jacket.  San Francisco: Pacific Editions.  2009.

[ Hobson, Charles ]  Hobson, Sandra.  Rituals for Life Milestones.  San Francisco: Pacific Editions.  2009.

[ Hobson, Charles ]  Angell, Roger.  Ancient Mariner.  [ San Francisco: ] Pacific Editions.  2009.

Hobson, Charles.  Nelson & Emma: Aphrodite and Ares Contemplate Admiral Nelson and Lady Hamilton.  San Francisco: Pacific Editions.  2008.



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