Carolee Campbell began her career in the arts as an actress in her native Los Angeles at the age of fifteen. By twenty she had moved to New York, where she studied under Uta Hagen and then Lee Strasberg, and she had begun a long career on stage and television that would lead to nine years in The Doctors television series and an Emmy Award in 1976 for a starring role in a dramatic special.

In 1984 Carolee founded the Ninja Press to explore “new approaches to the union [among] word, image, and book structure.” The integration of content and materials in these books is remarkable with each component, paper, ink, binding, and structure, providing the proper context for the chosen text. It is as though the materials themselves are part of the text.

At its twentieth anniversary in 2004 the Press had a major retrospective at the William Andrews Clark Library at UCLA which traveled to the University of Arizona, University of California — San Diego, University of Texas — San Antonio, and the University of California — Santa Barbara. Its twentieth-fifth anniversary was celebrated with an exhibition at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania. The following institutions have complete collections of Ninja Press books:








In 2013, Carolee received the Oscar Lewis Award for the book arts from the Book Club of California.


Books with Carolee Campbell available from Boreas Fine Art:

[ Campbell, Carolee ]  Merwin, W. S.  Lives of the Artists.  Sherman Oaks: Ninja Press.  2013.

[Campbell, Carolee ]  Phillips, Dennis.  Sophia’s Lament.  [Sherman Oaks]: Ninja Press.  2012.

[Campbell, Carolee ]  Loney, Alan. The Sirens.  [Sherman Oaks]: Ninja Press.  2011.

[Campbell, Carolee ]  Tarn, Nathanial.  The Persephones.  [Sherman Oaks]: Ninja Press.  2009.

[Campbell, Carolee ]  Hannon, Michael.  Pruned Boughs.  [Sherman Oaks]: Ninja Press.  2008.

[Campbell, Carolee ]  Breytenbach, Breyton.  The Intimate Stranger.  [Sherman Oaks]: Ninja Press.  2006.



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