Roger Angell has written for the New Yorker, where he is now Senior Editor and staff writer, since 1944.  He has won many literary awards including the George Polk Award for Commentary and the J.G. Taylor Spink Award for baseball writing. He was the first winner of the PEN/ESPN Lifetime Achievement Award for Literary Sports Writing. His  essay here is a story about his sailing a gaff-rigged Hereshoff 12½. Reading his essay is like sailing on a beam reach in fifteen knot winds on flat seas.

This edition of Ancient Mariner features two openings with actual models of sails, one a jib and the other an entire gaff-rig sail plan (complete with boom, mast, gaff, halyard, and jib sheet). It also has two reproductions of monotypes by Charles Hobson and two sea charts of the area in Maine where the story takes place. It was printed letterpress by Les Ferris in Healdsburg, California. It was designed by Charles Hobson and assembled by him and Alice Shaw. The entire book is enclosed in a slipcase.

The edition is limited to thirty-nine copies each signed by the author and the artist.



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