Like many of Shawn Sheehy’s distinctive pop-up books, this book about plant lore concerns the intersection of the natural world and human culture. Inspired by the herbal medicine of earlier ages, Sheehy’s book describes and illustrates twelve heirloom varieties of vegetables with a twist: while the cultivars and their nutritional information are described accurately, their curative qualities are invented by the artist. Formulated to ease 21st century problems, these ‘cures’ are offered with a healthy sense of humor. Potatoes are suggested to restore humility to celebrities, and cauliflower is touted as a cure for various brain disorders due, of course, to its brain-like appearance.

The twelve vegetables represented are divided into Old World and New World plants, and each is illustrated with a colorful pop-up made from a variety of commercial cover papers. Each pop-up is accompanied by a small folio adhered to the spread, in which the vegetable’s description can be found.

This book is bound in chipboard covers, and includes an introductory note by the artist. The text was set in Italian Electric by the artist and printed from polymer plates by Sarah Vogel, who also assisted with the assembly of the book.

One of a limited edition of 30 copies, this book is the last one available.  It is number 30 and is signed and numbered by the artist.



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