Based in South Dennis, Massachusetts, 21st Editions is the publisher of limited edition handmade photography books. The company began in 1998 with the publishing of 21st : The Journal of Contemporary Photography. Since that time, it has published many handcrafted books featuring high-quality platinum and silver gelatin prints and photogravures.  In 1999, The Wall Street Journal compared 21st Editions to Alfred Stieglitz’ groundbreaking journal Camera Work which a century ago played a critical role in establishing photography as a fine art.

21st Editions has worked with many prominent photographers to create illustrated editions of classic works of poetry by Blake, Baudelaire, Whitman, Apollinaire, Rilke, among others. It has also published collaborations between contemporary poets and photographers. Photographers who have published books with 21st Editions include Imogen Cunningham, Mitch Dobrowner, Eikoh Hosoe, Michael Kenna, Sally Mann, Vik Muniz, Robert and Shana ParkHarrison, Josephine Sacabo, Jerry Uelsmann, Joel-Peter Witkin, Masao Yamamoto, and many, many others.

Books published by 21st Editions are held in the collections of, among others, the Library of Congress, the Getty Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, Rochester Institute of Technology, the Boston Anthenaeum, the George Eastman House, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the British Library, and the Art Gallery of Ontario.


Books from 21st Editions available from Boreas Fine Art:

[ Dobrowner, Mitch ]  Blake, William.  The Prophesies of William BlakeSouth Dennis: 21st Editions.  2012.

[ Kenna, Michael ]  Stanton Hager, trans.  Huangshan: Poems from the T’ang Dynasty[ South Dennis ]: 21st Editions.  2009.

[ Kenna, Michael ]  Adams, Henry.  Mont-Saint-MichelSouth Dennis: 21st Editions.  2008.

[ Sacabo, Josephine ]  LeJeune, Keagan.  Gilded Circles and Sure TroubleSouth Denis: 21st Editions.  2012

Yamamoto, Masao. Yamamoto Masao. South Dennis: 21st Editions.  2011.



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