Fluxus artist Robert Filliou created a large number of artist’s books and multiples over the course of his career. This book is an excellent example of the artist’s lighthearted style and his belief that art should be interactive and readily available to all. The text of this book consists of bawdy visual poetry written by Filliou and includes a riddle to engage the reader.

Filliou’s French text is reprinted herein in both English and German translations, creating three different sections divided by heavy cardstock that is printed orange. The English translation was completed by Filliou’s friend and fellow Fluxus artist George Brecht, while the German translation was undertaken by the iconoclastic book artist Dieter Roth.

A small perfect-bound paperback printed commercially on machine-made paper, the production of this book epitomizes the democratic multiple of the 1960s. Typical of Filliou’s playful work, the covers of this book feature a simple design in blue, orange, and brown showing a sad-faced sun with cartoon bubbles leading onto to back cover. The text of the bubbles, in French, English, and German, reads “here it is spring and I’m the only sad one.”

This copy is number 130 out of 500.


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